• Vibe Shift

    Is this how sociologists feel? Like staring at the matrix, but it's all creative writing workshop meetup output? I don't want to be this predictable. Is it taking cues from my other posts? Where does it get this stuff? (more...) A screenshot of github copilot in action
  • Terrain Generalization

    Generalization blending is a way to solve two problems at once – terrain data contains small details which aren't necessary for understanding the shape and location of important features, but basic simplification methods such as blurring are applied everywhere indiscriminately. (more...) A terrain map in shades of green
  • Mapping Mountains

    To view mountains from above is to journey through time itself: over ancient shorelines, the trails of glaciers, the marks of countless seasons, and the front lines of perpetual tectonic struggle. Fly with me now, on a tour through the world of elevation data! (more...) A macro photo of a raised relief map of the California coast
  • Escape from Mercator

    Mercator projections are well-known for their distortion at high latitudes – this is because they place the north and south poles at positive and negative infinity, which means a Mercator map of the whole world would be infinitely tall. (more...) An map of the northwest pacific coast, showing Alaska to Baja California
  • Going Into Detail

    This representation isn’t “to scale” in the Cartesian sense, though maybe it’s to scale emotionally. I’m adjusting levels until they’re within the range of human feeling. It’s a theme-park, Le Petit Prince, Mario Galaxy kind of feeling, a cartoon. (more...) A rendered 3D terrain map from North Africa to the Himalayas
  • Journey to the Center of Web 3D

    Web 3D is finally taking off, thanks to new code libraries and cooperation from browser makers. Here’s a look at its current state as seen in my experiments with three.js, a popular web 3D library. (more...) A 3D rendered heightmap of the British Isles
  • The Lay of the Land

    I have a lot of questions. I blame the fact that I grew up in a fjord. (more...) A macro photo of a raised relief map