• Parallax Shift

    This is a continuation of Going Into Depth, examining the construction of a custom parallax shader in WebGL, doing something I've wanted to try forever. There will be math, but also pictures, and isn't that the best case scenario? (more...) A closeup of a 3D rendered crystal
  • Going Into Depth

    This post describes a variation on parallax mapping that I used for a recent project, with detailed examinations of the rationale and a breakdown of the technique in the abstract. (more...) A closeup of a 3D rendered crystal
  • The Prototype Trap

    In fact from now on when somebody asks "How much work would it take to get this to production?" my answer will be "How much of it did we actually write?" (more...) A closeup of a 3D rendered crystal
  • Vibe Shift

    Is this how sociologists feel? Like staring at the matrix, but it's all creative writing workshop meetup output? I don't want to be this predictable. Is it taking cues from my other posts? Where does it get this stuff? (more...) A screenshot of github copilot in action
  • Terrain Generalization

    Generalization blending is a way to solve two problems at once – terrain data contains small details which aren't necessary for understanding the shape and location of important features, but basic simplification methods such as blurring are applied everywhere indiscriminately. (more...) A terrain map in shades of green
  • Mapping Mountains

    To view mountains from above is to journey through time itself: over ancient shorelines, the trails of glaciers, the marks of countless seasons, and the front lines of perpetual tectonic struggle. Fly with me now, on a tour through the world of elevation data! (more...) A macro photo of a raised relief map of the California coast
  • Escape from Mercator

    Mercator projections are well-known for their distortion at high latitudes – this is because they place the north and south poles at positive and negative infinity, which means a Mercator map of the whole world would be infinitely tall. (more...) An map of the northwest pacific coast, showing Alaska to Baja California
  • Scenes From a Siggraph

    It's 82 degrees outside, all the palm trees are imported, and the auditorium seats a thousand. I try to relax. (more...) A map of Los Angeles
  • Going Into Detail

    This representation isn’t “to scale” in the Cartesian sense, though maybe it’s to scale emotionally. I’m adjusting levels until they’re within the range of human feeling. It’s a theme-park, Le Petit Prince, Mario Galaxy kind of feeling, a cartoon. (more...) A rendered 3D terrain map from North Africa to the Himalayas
  • Journey to the Center of Web 3D

    Web 3D is finally taking off, thanks to new code libraries and cooperation from browser makers. Here’s a look at its current state as seen in my experiments with three.js, a popular web 3D library. (more...) A 3D rendered heightmap of the British Isles
  • The Lay of the Land

    I have a lot of questions. I blame the fact that I grew up in a fjord. (more...) A macro photo of a raised relief map