I grew up in a tiny town in Alaska famous for disasters, where extremities of scale, weather, and character felt not so much normal as inscrutable, as though there was no angle from which they would ever make any sense.

So: I’ve been interested in describing hard-to-describe things for a long time.

I’ve worked as animator, designer, and technical director on a wide variety of commercial, industrial, and artistic projects, mostly involving 3D graphics. My most strongly-held opinions concern the timing of very brief events.

“Fjord style” is an appreciation of layers, weatherproofing, clearly-marked routes, non-skid surfaces, dark neutrals with bright accents, and lists of things which turn out to be metaphors.

Currently, I make unusual maps on the Oregon coast. I like getting email and meeting people, so please do drop me a note and say hello: pxrich@gmail.com